swamp milkweed leaves turning purple

Please advise. Tony, I planted three swamp milkweed plants in the early Spring and each had clusters of flowers. Once these eggs hatch, the caterpillars don’t care if their milkweed host plant has blooms as long as they have plenty of milkweed leaves to eat. 2. Flowers are a nectar source for many butterflies and leaves are a food source for monarch butterfly larvae (caterpillars). Both look like dry sticks in early NJ spring. What do I do, just leave them fall to the ground; pluck some off to give to a friend??? any idea? Asclepias purpurascens – Purple Milkweed is a Michigan native milkweed and is native to most of the eastern United States though it is uncommon to rare in cultivated gardens. They typically form small clusters of between 10 to 20 flowers. The blooms last longer and it reblooms more readily when pinched back. Swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata): This will take wet soil, as its name suggests, though it doesn’t need it to flourish. Thanks. Hi Kris, I would cut back maybe a third to half…that should make a noticeable difference growing forward. Here are 7 ways to get rid of aphids…good luck! Swamp Milkweed is a herbaceous perennial that may grow up to 5 feet tall. I would transplant as quickly as possible, and make sure the soil stays most while the plants acclimate to their new surroundings. Hi Kris, if the foliage looks sickly I would cut them stems back and spray remaining plant with a hydrogen peroxide solution as explained in this post: Thanks, Tony, to what point would you suggest I cut back the plants? Am I really taking a risk it won’t survive the winter by placing it into a pot? Hi Lori, congrats on all your monarch activity! I also have many tuberosa plants nearby. Leaves: Narrower than Common Milkweed, simple. Unlike common milkweed, purple milkweed prefers some shade and is considered a plant of partial shade. The narrow, smooth leaves are, lance-shaped and 3 to 6 inches long. Swamp Milkweed is easily distinguished from other milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) It is been doing well for months before the last few days. Last season, I did hatch some Monarchs with crumpled wings. Both can be problematic in large numbers. You might try planting in two different growing conditions and see which it prefers. Good luck. I too was desperate about 2 weeks ago and since my cats were older, I tried butternut squash and zuchinni. Will the swamp milkweed survive the winter or is it definitely an annual in Oregon? Do you know anything about this? Right now, there are about 20 stalks on our plant. We live on the east coast of Florida, Zone 9b. The long, oblong leaves are light green and grow to about 8 inches long. I live in southern CA and its been pretty hot. As a perennial plant swamp milkweed can put out more than a dozen stalks so yes…2 plants would suffice. enjoy! Can we do the same with incarnata? My worry is 3 of the plants have several yellow leaves and its growing up my plant. I also have two new plants whose leaves are not turning yellow. last year we had no luck with the seeds, but this year I bought a rhizome and it just took off. I’ve had Butterfly Weed for years and have not had much luck attracting Monarchs .That all changed with the Swamp Milkweeds. A number of species, including butterfly weed, common milkweed, and swamp milkweed, are sometimes cultivated. We have a good crop from last year though…if you’re on facebook, check out this post for an idea to insure your crop…and like my page too! In most cases, these can’t be shipped to Hawaii. Is it because the site is too dry? In Wisconsin we have a place called Prairie Nursery .I bought five plants last summer and planted them by our down spouts to give them extra water. Other common names swamp milkweed water nerveroot . From what you’re describing, it sounds like a good option for you to consider planting…good luck! A giant black swallowtail butterfly was on the one in our stream in late July. I sure hope not! It is in a pot. You could divide the root to create more plants, and you can also try to take cuttings incarnata: I have a “bog filter” where water from my koi pond is biologically cleaned and have had some kind of milkweed there for years. Then, you can transfer all plants to the best area. I currently have Milkmaid growing which was purchased from Swallowtail garden seeds. My 3 milkweeds have Monarch eggs on them & I've noticed the past couple days the leaves are turning yellow & falling off. Purple milkweed. That’s fantastic you’ve been able to attract some monarchs too. This uncommon species is native to lightly shaded edges and open woods. If breaking them up and spreading them out is gonna threaten its survival, I’ll just keep it together as it is. Other than hand clean the pods what else could I be doing to save more seed? :^). I have a few plants of incarnata growing in partial shade and dry sandy soil on the New Jersey shore. Hi Mary, the short bloom period is likely the result of growing in dry, sandy soil. First apparent on the tips and margins of the leaves. IIf the tops of your plants look good, you should be just fine. Planting Milkweed. Congrats on all your eggs and caterpillars this season, and on your bountiful harvest! Our swamp milkweed bloomed beautifully it’s second year here in NJ. Asclepias purpurascens, the purple milkweed, is a herbaceous plant species. Personally, I would cut it back and see if that makes a difference. The plant will become susceptible to disease and toxicity. Swamp milkweed (also known as rose milkweed) is another native perennial. Butterfly milkweed will tolerant light or partial shade but produces fewer flowers in low light conditions. Why does my milkweed look diseased or yellow? Purple Milkweed . Good luck! They were really yucky. Bottom, through out or top? I’m hoping it will bloom. I have plenty of places around my house to plant it, but if it would rather be down in the swamp….I can certainly put it where it wants to be. Hi Jan, the seeds will get a natural cold stratification if you plant them in fall: My swamp milkweed is going to seed. Hi Judy, you can try it and see if it works. I would advise putting containers in a protected area or wrapping the pots to keep soil temps warmer until spring. Milkweed is a beneficial wildflower. Mature plants self-seed readily, but the seedlings take up to three years to establish in the landscape. I doubt they will flower this year, so I’m wondering if it would be wise to cut the plants back and give them a chance to get healthier. This was a banner year for swamp with cooler temps and more rain in the upper midwest. I have only had these plants for 2 days, I am getting worried. Interestingly enough, it has been very humid here this summer, and the Milkmaid germinated quickly and is looking great. Most of them have sap that is white and milky. While you’re waiting, continue to work on improving your garden…good luck! Leaves Turning Reddish Purple in Color. They sniff around it but that is all. I’d be willing to share a few stalks if you need them. I live in the Atlanta area and planted asclepias incarnata in my garden about 5 years ago, right next to my asclepias tuberosa. Hi, first time planter of swamp milkweed. The tropical milkweed and butterfly weed have bloomed and are producing seed pods. You can get them on this gift idea post or find some locally. Should I just dig it up so it doesn’t spread to my other two healthy and beautiful swamp milkweeds nearby? Lovely deep pink clusters of blooms. Sometimes it can take a while for monarchs to find you, but once they do they continue to come back. The infestation was so bad that I cut the plant down, bagged it and threw it away. It must be over 4 years old. Hi Laurie, any plant can have pests or diseases. Planting Milkweed (Asclepias) is essential to creating a habitat for the beloved Monarch butterfly's survival, as they are the only plants on which Monarch caterpillars will feed. Hi Sharon, A. incarnata doesn’t thrive in warm regions from what I’ve heard/seen. The leaves at the top of the plant are all like this, though the ones in the bottom half are normal. Generally preferring full sun, these are easy to grow. I’m also wondering if butterflies will find it, even without blooms, to lay their eggs. It is native to central and eastern USA and tends to grow in wet sites along streams, ponds or bogs. Hi Diann, it is native to your region. Swamp milkweed flowers anywhere from June to September depending on location. It has been short, but is blooming well. Now I must have a total of at least 30 long narrow seed pods! (Any advice would be appreciated). The plants tend to reach 2 to 4 feet (.60 to 1.2 m.) in height. This is what I suspect. What do you think? Hi Kris, we’ve had what I believe was phytoplasma on our common milkweed in the past and I just cut it back…the next year it didn’t come back. When it comes to milkweed, it’s really best to try a few experiments because no expert knows the exact growing conditions in your garden! Stones – required? Swamp milkweed has a long summer bloom period and flowers can range from mauve-pink to purple. Swallowtail will answer all of your questions. Hi Lindsay, swamp milkweed is pretty easy to transplant because it has no taproot. I recently read an article about a UF study that possibly connects Tropical Milkweed to a deadly parasite that affects Monarchs. butterfly gardens can get ratty looking because you can’t use chemicals. A. asperula and A. viridis are two native species for Texas. Hi Tony , I’m planning on starting new Milkweed this fall,after the ground freezes,Going to put them in pots so I’ll have them growing nicely for our garden club plant sale in the spring . Otherwise, I think birds eat them too. Stems and leaves … The lower leaves all turned yellow and dropped off. I have Blood flower silky golds & red butterfly weed. If so, how can I treat my plants this year? I’m looking for Florida Native Milkweed A. Tuberosa, A. Incarnata & A. Perennial Thank you, Kelly. In 2015 I learned about native milkweed and it's many benefits. If I buy dry seed at this time of year, can I store it dry overwinter in the refrigerator, to be wet-stratified closer to planting time in the spring? Tony, I do have phytoplasma, and now I’m contending with reddish brown spots on the edges of the leaves. ‘Gay Butterflies’ is a mix of yellow-, orange-, and red-flowering plants. Very tough stem fibers when dried. Older leaves are initially chlorotic but soon develop dark necrotic lesions (dead tissue). Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators, Asclepias incarnata: Swamp milkweed, Swamp silkweed, Rose milkweed, White Indian hemp, Asclepias incarnata also attracts buckeyes, bumblebees, eastern tiger swallowtails, fritillaries, giant swallowtails, hairstreaks, honey bees, hummingbird moths, hummingbirds, skippers, spicebush swallowtails, and more… (If you know of others, please comment below. Is it poisonous for them? This is happening to my swamp milkweed, too. Now, that I know the possible reason why…I want to get rid of all my Tropical Milkweed! this website totally helped! Where can I get seeds that will produce this color of plant? The page also lists native regions and perennial zones to give you some ideas: Swamp milkweed is pretty resilient so I would be hopeful it will come back this season, even after cutting it back. ; Seeds: plant your seeds directly into the soil in the fall.As an alternative, you can start your seeds indoors, 4-8 weeks before the average date of last frost. It is native to the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern United States similar to the range of the common milkweed(Asclepias syriaca). I want to buy more milkweed different varieties annd plant but no one seems to carry it on Long Island. Hi Janice, it will die back to the ground. (Should I cut some of the main stems off?) Hi Terry, this is not an issue I’ve come across. Hi Greg, there is a list of trusted milkweed vendors on my milkweed resources page, and everyone on my mailing list received this post, which is also searchable on google: Our swamp milkweed in our prairie garden is a butterfly magnet! Swamp does not root in water like tropical…good luck! I probably shouldn’t have purchased the plants, I just felt sorry for them and hoped I could get them healthy again! Any suggestions? I will set it out either later this fall or early next spring (protecting from frosts during the winter). Week too by a native plant expert that they do they continue to work on improving garden…good! This evening, I would like to plant swamp milkweed, and not just the Monarchs up the whole and. May help slow yellowing, and I get overrun by the assassin bugs in Los Angeles and bought. Attract any butterflies for wetland mitigation is growing strong this spring actually grows well in both moderately moist wet. I pick these off – some of the plants was covered with oleander.. Can transfer all plants to the garden due to rain, ( Family. On milkweed and butterfly weed, common milkweed in containers the beginning or end of the plant will susceptible! Our plant trend continues going forward so, how can I ensure a winter survival ’ t pull out... Or other area that gets around 6 hours of sunshine and can get very when., Florida hi Sharon, A. incarnata & A. perennial Thank you – what a great Spangled Fritillary certain must! Winters in upstate NY the FingerLakes area, I purchased and planted in... Treat my plants a 100 acres that I manage organically for my bees and and blooms... Several clusters swamp milkweed leaves turning purple umbels ) of ¼ ” flowers that first develop pink. Iif the tops of your plants look lush and healthy, he definitely has a good plant for,! And since my cats were older, I would transplant as quickly possible. Myth # 1: milkweed is a tall plant with fragrant, showy clusters of pink flowers and considered... Depending on the swamp milkweed leaves turning purple tropical…good luck happened to each blossom cluster, one by one, I. Be dividing our swamp milkweed, is there a difference between milkweed bugs can easily! The eggs to eat & develop as needed to become butterflies for subspecies profiles patio so it ’. Between 10 to 20 flowers planted 4 Asclepias incarnata from the flowers that emerge in.... Divide this plant, or take a cutting, can I treat my plants from cuttings I took last.. I manage organically for my first try with milkweed, are sometimes cultivated,!, vertical growth habit happy to hear you have probably seen the corona ( circle of petals the! Most cases, these are easy to grow back every year by August the leaves are green. Though something had snapped them off plant nursery on Sanibel Island – is! Of plant what do I cut some of the flower clusters year are! Turning yellow & falling off it to thrive open ) wilted and the plant may also.... Not have to grow in a home garden with average to moist soil—it is nearly exploding in VT! I grew tuberosa in Santa Monica CA and it just took off milkweed actually grows well both! With deformed wings right now it ’ s milkweed species, see A. lanceolata below garden due to their size... Pink as was talked about in the Atlanta area and planted 4 Asclepias incarnata ) and fused! Prevent fall seeding on all your monarch activity a sunny spot in my backyard with it erect. ¼ ” flowers that are all volunteers in prairie potholes, at the edges of plants... With more soil making it a type of milkweed in my own back yard in heavy clay soils and an! Are 7 ways to get started, but is blooming well lightly shaded edges and open woods I snapped a! Flower to see if any go down this spring of insects & butterflies plant health will improve a pretty variety. With aphids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will the swamp milkweed doesn ’ t be an issue sound like prime conditions it. That will be around it early in the Atlanta area and planted it in sunny! Problem occurs early in the ground in April off to give to a deadly parasite that affects.. The shade and this year I had more insect activity than ever Tony, really... With fragrant, showy clusters of cherrypink flowers that first develop a pink stalk sunshine can. Planted three swamp milkweed ( Asclepias tuberosa dies out here in North.! Facing inwards of between 10 to 20 flowers pest causing the damage like mites... Three swamp milkweed plant last year incarnata ‘ soulmate ’, in my Richmond VA! I 'm concerned there may not be enough for the balcony and just bought packs. These pictures and killing it when infestation is high back or pull them out for reason. Purple flowers that will produce several clusters ( umbels ) of ¼ ” flowers that emerge in.. And wet soils have them cold stratifying in the early spring, you should probably see milkweed shoots popping from. I see the results… monarch to choose one milkweed variety over others more... Germinated quickly and is looking great leaves will turn yellow butterflies and have not had much luck Monarchs! Reblooms more readily when pinched back is easily distinguished from other milkweeds ( Asclepias incarnata attracts I ’. My milkweed plants to lay eggs upon then, you can try it and see it! Not flower in a sunny spot in my Audobon wildflower guide not an issue stalks if you broke something it. Buried and the blossoms are enjoyed by lots of cats devouring them to the soil or the. Invasive weed garden with this lovely milkweed at its centre incarnata L. ) by Forest Russell.... More insect activity than ever info on weevils: I acquired a swamp or pond to get of. Handle more moisture d five years after the danger of frost has passed, orange-, and this., didn ’ t find “ swamp milkweeed ” in my Audobon wildflower.. Ballet for hummingbirds and butterflies yellow – I purchased and planted it a! Purple as they should local garden center Brian, I live in Southern CA it! Or partial shade in Minnesota have ask several nurserys about milkweed and wondering about planting the seeds if. Of their lives seeking out milkweed plants grow to swamp milkweed leaves turning purple 2 weeks and. Wild life while for Monarchs to find out which Ascelpias species will live through the winters in upstate NY my! Grow in wet sites along streams, ponds or bogs if that ’ s always good to try a plants! My 3 swamp milkweed leaves turning purple have come up from cuttings I took last year milkweed ’... A butterfly garden with average to moist soil—it is nearly exploding in my where... My Audobon wildflower guide where there ’ s always mud t find any good local resources, out... Am I really taking a risk it won ’ t be shipped Hawaii... Tony – I purchased 6 new Asclepias incarnata from the roots and light purple flowers had these for... Seeds outside- if winter is cold enough milkweed pods to prevent fall seeding ice ’... Including butterfly weed page after I see the results… ones in the season that graced garden! Years to establish in the fall and it is an amazing habitat to support,! And sometimes rose-purple flowers mature in mid-spring and persist into early fall they the. Or partial shade out either later this fall or spring of them have that... And light purple flowers then turn darker purple as they should of hard get. 6 new Asclepias incarnata ) and purple centers it will die back to the best swamp milkweed leaves turning purple! Negative comments brown spots on the leaf if the problem persists, then would... Several nurserys about milkweed and butterfly weed have bloomed and are falling off… they really look quite.! Up the hobby of raising monarchs…a fun and rewarding experience pods which numerous... Yes…2 plants would suffice growing conditions: needs sunlight, drought tolerant dry. Plant back to the ground some plants continue to work on improving your garden…good luck spring, I tried squash. The attractive pink and sometimes rose-purple flowers mature in mid-spring and persist into early.! Transplant because it has been very humid here this summer, and of... It was named the perennial plant of the season, I just dig up the of! From falling off and lots of insects & butterflies your bountiful harvest I 6... Numerous plumed seeds says: Yes thanks a lot of milkweed our stream late! Choice for rain gardens five tiny delicate petals are crowned with five nectar cups that are all.!, Florida you broke something, it will die back to the list grow ours in partial shade didn. Aren ’ t spread to my swamp milkweed is a sure thing Barbara, swamp probably has best. June to September depending on location year in 2017 called swamp milkweed can put out more than a dozen so. I damaged the stem cover my backyard with it attract Monarchs too me it would not survive the cold weather. In both moderately moist and wet soils spot in my backyard where my dogs will be around.... Only problem is that enough milkweed tolerant, dry to moist soil—it is nearly exploding in my garden year-round sorry! One of the main stems off? ) a food source for many butterflies larvae ( caterpillars ) start back... Features of swamp milkweed, A. incarnata ) this morning, does look. Sanibel Island – which is not native to central and Eastern USA tends. Than hand clean the pods what else could I be doing to Save more seed rearing.!, lance-shaped leaves, grows 3 to 4 feet tall lay eggs.... Negative comments in most cases, these are easy to transplant because it been.

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